Dyson Risk Management Pty Ltd

Alvin Dyson is the driving force behind Dyson Risk Management P/L. Dyson Risk Management (DRM) is a West Australian based risk management consultancy. DRM offer services to all parts of Australia, Singapore and throughout south east Asia.

DRM specialize in a wide range of risk analysis and risk mapping, risk management education, loss data analysis, contingency planning and more general risk engineering.

DRM are a preferred service partner of Challenge Insurance Services for their property survey capacity. DRM have the expertise and experience to thoroughly survey property for risk reporting , analysis and presentation on your behalf for insurance purposes.

Where an insurer may typically require a survey of your property, we prefer to engage DRM to undertake this on your behalf. The benefit to your business being an independent service is engaged giving you the advantage of access to DRM’s survey report and the ability to interact with DRM staff to discuss and evaluate the report findings.

Contact Alvin Dyson, principal consultant – 0419 360 234