In the event of a claim, CIS have clearly defined procedures to assist you through the claim process.

CIS provide all clients with a claims procedures guide, acting as a reference point to both inform of the claim process for each class of insurance you hold and provide the contact details you may require at any stage of the claim.
If you are seeking quick reference to claims procedures and forms, please look here and here

In addition to our own expertise we engage a third party company to represent your interests and act on your behalf in negotiating settlement of your claim with the insurer. Our preferred partner company use their accounting expertise and policy knowledge to ensure you receive your full entitlement in the event of a loss to your business or property.

On most occasions, CIS can engage the specialist consultancy firm on your behalf, with costs to be borne by the insurer and not your business.

By utilising this free service you can rest assured your full claim entitlement will be delivered to your business in the event of a major loss or interruption.

Visit YourClaim here.

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