Property Damage Claims

Minor Damage
Medium Damage
Large Scale Damage


Public and Products Liability Claims

  • If personal injury has occurred, ensure appropriate medical treatment is sought
  • If property damage has occurred, ensure the area is safe and secure and cease the operation which has led to the damage
  • Do not admit liability of any form in the event of an accident or potential claim
  • Ensure all details are captured of the event which has occurred. Refer to our claim forms here for an example document to use as a reference
  • Take photographs of any damage if present
  • Gather all details of witnesses
  • Submit claim details and all information noted above to your broker via claim form ( email or post)
  • Forward any subsequent notification you may receive ( i.e letter of intent)  to your broker
  • Written notice must be received of a third parties intent to pursue compensation for damages to people or property for the insurance policy to respond.

Motor Vehicle Claims

  • After accident, move vehicles off the road and away from the potential danger of another accident. 
    Move as far away from the road as possible
  • Check with all parties that no injuries are apparent, if any injury is apparent request an ambulance using the ‘000’ service.
  • Do not admit liability of any form.  Simply state that you have vehicle insurance in place and your insurer will deal with the other party regarding all matters of liability. You do not have the right to waive your insurer’s rights by admitting liability prior to your insurer reviewing the claim details
  • If drivers are fit for conversation, take the details of each others licence (mobile phone photograph is suggested)
  • Take the details of the other vehicle, importantly the registration number
  • Take the contact phone number of the other party, request to test the phone number while you are both present to ensure you have correctly noted the number
  • Contact the police to report the accident
  • Contact your insurer to lodge the claim by telephone, allowing you to provide details while they are current
  • If the vehicle is not roadworthy, arrange for a tow truck to remove the vehicle to their towing yard or a preferred repairer of your choice. If you have phoned your insurer as per the step above, the insurer will arrange this on your behalf
  • If the vehicle is still roadworthy, take the vehicle to your preferred repairer and have 1 quote for repairs conducted.
  • Forward this quote for repair to your broker
  • The broker or insurer will contact you to confirm repairs have been authorised and provide instruction on how to pay any excess due