Important Claim information

It is important to be prepared for damage to people or property of your business. While we all do everything we can to mitigate risk in our lives, unfortunately accidents do happen.
Here at CIS our aim is to identify the risks in your business and develop of a program of insurance which will transfer such risk in the event of a claim.
To enable our clients to act efficiently in the event of damage, be it minor or major, we provide an claims handbook at the inception of each policy, and at policy renewal . We provide you with the tools and procedures to react appropriately to each potential claim. This first response is important and we empower you with the right information to proceed accordingly.

Please refer to your claim handbook for claim lodgement contact details.
As your broker our role is to assist you with the collection and submission of the right information to commence a claim. The advantage of having a broker is clearly evident in the event negotiation is required with an insurer in respect to claims settlement. Challenge Insurance Services represent you, our client and we undertake all negotiation on your behalf to achieve the best result possible at no additional cost.

Claim lodgement contacts – by insurer
Claim lodgement contacts – by policy type
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