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Outlining the dangers of underinsurance

Underinsurance or ‘Average Clause’ is a condition found within the majority of insurance policy fine print. In the event of making a claim on your policy you may find yourself impacted by this condition in an already desperate time. It may not be your fault, and may occur without your knowledge, but it will […]

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How to ensure your strata property insurance works

Strata Property Insurance is designed for buildings under a strata, group, body corporate or community title. It provides cover for the building, its common contents and the commercial risks associated with operating a company. Many property owners take out a home and contents insurance policy and assume that this will cover everything connected with […]

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Who is responsible for property insurance – owner or tenant ?

To trust or not to trust. That is the question – Who would you entrust with arranging your property insurance? When you own a property there is plenty to think about and many matters to take care of. From the administration of the finances, rent, tenants, maintenance, to insurance. It’s easy to […]

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Insurance providers busted – who will really find you the better deal ?

Insurance providers busted – Who will really find you the better deal?
In Australia is it compulsory to obtain strata insurance for your strata property. This type of insurance will cover the common or shared property which is under management of the strata title. In the ever-changing legal and property environment, it is important to […]

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Commercial property rewards and risks – Are you missing something ?

When it comes to property investment choices, most will think of the familiar choice of residential property.  However many are recognising that commercial property investment is a viable and profitable investment solution. There is potential in this area for more stable and greater returns than what residential property can provide. However there are also […]

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Insurance Premium Funding – Why not?

We’re not going to lie to you, insurance can get expensive.  Many industries find that public liability is the most expensive, others find that it can be products they sell, whilst strata property insurance can also get expensive, particularly if you are dealing with multi-million dollar properties.  Forking out the big bucks up front […]

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    Top reasons you need rental loss insurance for your commercial property now

Top reasons you need rental loss insurance for your commercial property now


Owning your own commercial investment property can be very financially rewarding, however it also opens property owners up to potential financial risks when rental tenants go astray.  If you are left in the lurch with your tenant owing money for rent, you can be left very much out of pocket for not only rental […]

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    Top tips to avoid paying twice for your commercial property insurance

Top tips to avoid paying twice for your commercial property insurance

Commercial property owners need to ensure their insurance policies integrate and work together with their lease agreements in order to avoid financial loss. Not only can you find yourself under-insured, but you can also find your lease agreement and your insurance policies over-lapping which leads to unnecessary payment of excess premium. It is imperative […]

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